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We hopped to stores around the valley to see which have the best candy prices

Posted at 7:39 AM, Mar 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-31 22:39:52-04

Stores are full of Easter candy right now.

How do you know where to get the best prices? You don't even have to ask because our Smart Shopper Chelsey Davis already did all of the hopping around for you.

We shopped Target and Walmart to see which had the sweetest deals.

Starburst jellybeans are a must and if you're trying to save the most you’ll want to buy it at Walmart.

A 13-ounce bag will cost you $1.98. You'd pay about 50 cents more for the same amount at Target.

Peep-a-boo...You can't have Easter without your peeps. And you'll get more chicks for your buck at Walmart at 12 cents per chick. Target charges 14 cents per chick.

Robin Eggs are also cheaper at Walmart. You'll get nearly 14 ounces for 2.98. That same amount would cost you $3.76 at Target.

Overall I had a king-sized list of candy and Walmart was cheaper for everything we compared, but target had more variety and the shopping experience was a little easier for shopping for our Easter favorites.

But they aren't the only bunnies in town.

We hopped into Dollar Tree as well and they just didn't have much variety at all.

We let our fingers do a little more shopping on Amazon, checking same day delivery deals.

Of the candy we checked, Amazon cost more -- at least double the price of Target and Walmart.

Plus if you consider the cost of Prime or shipping, Amazon just wasn't a favorite in this category.