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Traveling soon? Check out these Smart Shopper-approved tips!

Posted at 9:00 PM, Jan 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-29 08:59:40-05

Planes, trains and automobiles. It's what we're talking about, but not the movie!

We want to help you travel and save! The first tip, you'll want to buy now if you're traveling for President's Day because it isn't getting any cheaper. 

"As we get closer to President's Day, fares will creep up about $1.50 a day all the way up to $11 per day before President's Day," said Janice Lieberman, consumer analyst with Deal News.

It may not sound like a lot now, until you consider the number of travelers and all of the added fees.

"Some airlines charge for carry-on, some don't give water for free or even snacks," Lieberman said.

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So what do you do when you're searching travel sites and a dozen pop-ups appear?

"Open an incognito window," Lieberman said. "When you're searching, they don't know you're looking for Cancun because the moment you do that, all sites come on your computer and the prices just go up."

Even more, the travel sites will remember you the next time you're searching and that gets in the way of you getting the best price. If you see a flash sale or a better price later, just let your travel site know that you want to be credited for the cheaper price. No matter when you travel, it's all about flexibility.

"Wednesday is a good day to buy," said Lieberman. "Wednesday is also a good day to travel at night, when everyone is sleep. Off-peak is when things get cheaper."

So pack your bags! But if you have too many, consider FedEx, it may be cheaper than baggage fees!