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This 18-year-old started her own skin care and makeup business, and it's our Deal of the Day!

Posted at 6:56 AM, Aug 08, 2018
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This Smart Shopper Deal of the Day is beautiful from the inside out because we are supporting an 18-year-old entrepreneur and her dream!

Before Alex Sorenson graduated from Pinnacle High School in May, she created her own business called Twisted Bristle + Beauty — a skin care and makeup line!

She's now the chief glamour officer, (what an amazing job title) and running her own company's social media, marketing, videos on YouTube, the website and more.

Sorenson told us, "I was thinking about the skincare I've seen reviews on. There are so many different brands that are so high-end, but you're spending so much money. So, that's why this is great. It's at a fraction of the price of what you're normally spending."

The company has dedicated time researching and testing the products and it's all cruelty-free.

For skin care products, she offers a serum, and two moisturizers, one for day and one for night. The moisturizers can both be used as primers for foundation or whatever makeup you want to wear. They also have a face shaver.

For makeup, they have lip glosses, lipsticks (some sparkly and some matte) and lip glazes.

I had never heard of a lip glaze. Sorenson described it like this, "It can either be a shimmery top coat or a pearlized top coat. Basically, it's a lighter, more natural lip gloss, but you can use it as a glaze on any liquid or regular lipstick you want."

Twisted Bristle + Beauty also offers blushes, foundation, the primer, liner, mascara, and star crystals called Twisted Twinkles. Consider those twinkles, glitter or bling for your eyes to shine with an adhesive for easy application and no fallout!

Sorenson told us, "Our products are meant for everybody. Working to keep our outside looking good can help us express the beautiful inner parts of ourselves."


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Sorenson has been passionate about makeup and making people feel beautiful all her life. She enjoyed playing with her mom's makeup growing up.
She was concerned about her rosacea growing up. So, she made her products to the highest standards, with the finest ingredients and formulations, backed by science and research to help all skin types, including people like herself.

Five months before she graduated, Sorenson was sitting on the couch and thinking about how she wanted to create a travel brush with retractible bristles. So, that's where the Twisted Bristle part of the business name comes from. The Beauty side comes from skin care. As a teen, she wants to take care of her skin earlier than later.

During her senior year, she also attended Paradise Valley Community College. Now, that she just graduated high school, she's starting at Penrose Academy to become licensed, and will also be continuing schooling at PVCC for business.

Twisted Bristle and Beauty has only been up and running for a little over 100 days, and she's working hard to get that original idea of the brush complete, while expanding her line and brand.  

Smart Shoppers will love that she enjoys making her products affordable. Sorenson told us, "You would be spending at least $300 for an ounce of a high-end product." With Twisted Bristle + Beauty, you get similar types of products and ingredients, but they in price from $7.99 to the most expensive being $200. Most of the makeup is between $15 and $20 each.

She may only be 18, but she's been working in the beauty industry for three years at two different med spas, doing makeup applications for local celebrities and more.

Where does she get her entrepreneurial spirit? Sorenson said, "My mom has owned three of her own businesses and passed one down to my brother. So, we're all very entrepreneurial kids because of my family. They've helped out so much.

What are other reasons why her product stands out? Sorenson said she "really wanted everything to be pigmented and natural, but still where you can turn any look that you do with the makeup into a night look. So, that's what I like. They're very versatile, but it's still at a fraction of a price of what you would normally pay."

We asked what she wants people to know about her business, and Sorenson said, "It's for everyone. So, anyone who has anything they're insecure about, they shouldn't be. They should just help their skin with great products, healthy products, and that's my goal- just make people happy.

So, what is beauty? Sorenson shared, "Beauty for me is your own; It's you, whatever you perceive yourself to be. I think beauty is.... Everyone has it... It's how you portray yourself. It's how you hold yourself, and I think that's what every woman should learn from an 18-year-old starting her own business."

And what do her friends think? "My friends think it's awesome. A lot of my friends are like- wow you're kinda crazy for doing this. You're only 18, and just graduated," Sorenson said with a giggle as she continued. "But if you're not doing something you love, then you shouldn't be doing it."
So, check out Twisted Bristle + Beauty because, well, in the words of Sorenson, "We're all a little twisted!"