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The Oscars: How to throw a DIY party on a budget!

Posted at 11:19 AM, Feb 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-07 08:03:53-05

We are all excited to watch The Oscars to see who walks away a winner! If it ends up turning into an impromptu watch party for you, we understand it can be costly! So, we found some DIY options that are festive and financially friendly!

First up, the envelope please... Brit + Co!

That site shows you all kinds of great ideas! Scroll down to number four, and you'll see how you can make a bowl out of a ticket roll.

What goes perfectly with movies? Popcorn, of course! You can create a popcorn bar. Either put the grub in the ticket roll bowl you just made, print out container cones or use birthday hats! You'll find example images at number six and seven as well.

In my opinion, popcorn tinsel shouldn't just be for Christmas. It would be great decor for this, too!

Brit + Co also offers tips for how to make paper Oscar statues. You'll find those details when you scroll to number nine. Then, number 11 will show you how to make gold star garland.

This is a great idea! You can give out balloons as awards. Find examples when you look at number 12. You could have guests vote for "Best Dressed" or "Best Cook," for example.

Or, I thought up this option. When your guests arrive, write all of their names on envelopes. So, if you have five guests, bring out five envelopes, and write one name on an envelope, and so on. Then, have paper and pens sitting out. All guests can write each other messages to put inside the envelopes. That way, everyone wins, and on their way out, they get to keep their own envelope full of meaningful notes as a party favor. You may already have all of these items at home. If not, you could find them for around $2 or less depending on where you shop.

Brit + Co also has an Oscars Bingo (number 16), printable temporary Oscar statue tattoos (number 19), and DIY celebrity confetti (number 20). You'll also find a gold heart pinata, glitter-dipped bottles, a ticket stub backdrop, ideas for table settings and more. Click here to see all of the ideas from Brit + Co.

Paper Source also has free downloadable Oscars ballots, so you can vote along with the show.

The Sweetest Occasion also shows how to rock tuxedo Oscars party poppers.

What other ideas do you have? Let me know! Have so much fun watching!