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The ideas are in bloom for how to prepare your garden for Fall!

Posted at 5:45 AM, Sep 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-07 09:36:14-04

It's the best time to get your soil ready for your Fall garden. So, we went to Arcadia Color Garden Nursery to chat with the experts.

Operations Manager Bill Jones told us, "In the fall, we have great luck with things like beans, lettuce, Swiss chard, spinach, squash, all kinds of Fall plants, as well as tomatoes and peppers... Basil and herbs are great to plant in the fall garden... Lots of flowers are in need of replacement this time of year as well."

So, what do people need to do right now?

Jones explained, "Dig into the soil six inches, 12 inches if you can. Turn the soil over, mix in compost, mix in fertilizers, and lots of water.



We want to help you pay less for what you'll need. We're doing a Deal of the Day on their chicken pellets and organic compost. You'll pay half the price all day on Saturday!

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So, why would you want this particular kind of compost?

Jones explained, "chicken compost comes to us from the Hickman Egg Farm here in Arizona... It adds a lot of nitrogen to the soil, which is something the soil is always going to need. It helps build a good, strong base, as well as loosen it up... When you water, you want the water to soak in, but drain out. So, it helps with the drainage process as well."

Plus, you're in great hands. Jones told us that the employees at Arcadia Color Garden Nursery used to work at well-known Baker Nursery. He also said that collectively, they have about 100 years of experience. Jones said that people sometimes bring in broken branches, and they help to diagnose the problem.

So, get those depleted nutrients back into your garden for less with our Deal of the Day!

And for those of you without a green thumb, or who are beginners, Jones told us, "A good way to start is with a few pots or with a raised bed because you have good control over the soil. Buy a good premium potting soil, get a good start without having to get down into the native soil which can be a little tough sometimes... That's the easiest way, a packet of seeds, a six-pack of tomatoes or pepper plants. It's a great way to get your fingers dirty, and find out what gardening is all about here in Arizona."


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