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The Hurricane Spin Scrubber claims to clean faster and easier! But does it?

Posted at 10:52 PM, Jan 03, 2018

I know it's too early for a spring clean, so we'll just call this a New Year's resolution. Cleaning your home more often and keeping it clean!

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber claims to clean faster and easier!

Forget bending and straining to clean the tub, you'll get the extension pole for free!  The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is supposed to do the hard work for you, like power away stains and it will cut through soap scum and grime easily.  

We put it to the test.

We bought it at Walmart for $35 and charged it overnight. There are three brush heads. You just need to put one on, press the button and get started!

  1. Does it leave the shower spotless in less than 30 seconds? No.
  2. No more scrubbing? Yes, as long as it's not deep dirt.
  3. Works without harsh chemicals? Yes!
  4. A single charge works up to 60 minutes? Yes!

So, where does it rank on our bull and no bull meter? No bull!

Keep in mind, the buildup won't miraculously disappear. You'll have to put more work into it.  

The infomercial makes it look like a miracle product. Not quite. It definitely makes it easier for those with disabilities or back problems, but if it really needs a lot of scrubbing, this won't do it.

It didn't work for deep cleaning but did fine on two bathtubs. So if it's deep cleaning you want, you'll need a little elbow grease!