Can silicone lids replace all your other lids?

Posted at 5:31 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 19:31:12-05

Sometimes finding the right top for my containers is so frustrating. The Stretch 'n' Seal lids are supposed to solve that problem (and save me some cash!).

But, will they work? Let me try it before you buy it.

I found them on Amazon for about $15. The claim is that the lids will have an airtight seal over most containers. Plus they are reusable, dishwasher safe and they won't tear.

So I grabbed containers with and without tops to put the Stretch 'n' Seal to work. The instructions do say to use the lid that is slightly smaller than the container you're trying to cover up.

Here's how I tested it: I covered leftover food with regular lids, and then I used silicone lids for other containers. I placed all in the fridge and left some of the items in there for more than a week! 

I was surprised to see that the results were pretty much the same when it came to freshness. I even put water in a bowl and covered it with a silicone lid and the water did not spill.

I'm impressed!

The lids kept my food fresh for the same amount of time as regular tops and they were easy to use. It definitely relieves the frustration of trying to find matching lids. And, you don't have to keep buying foil and plastic wrap, so that should save you a little cash…but there are a few downsides that may change your mind.

After washing one of the lids three times in the dishwasher, the lid no longer worked because the stickiness went away. Also two of the new lids ripped as I was trying to put it on a container.

In conclusion, I can’t say that the Stretch 'n' Seal lids will save you any cash...if they don’t even last. For that reason, I have to give them a thumbs down.

But, the good news is that they do have a lifetime warranty.  I contacted the company about my torn lids and they replied within 24 hours asking me to send the lids back for a replacement.  I had already tossed the lids, but the company still offered to send replacements right away. So, I am impressed with the customer service.

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