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Score HALF OFF these tees, support a local business and give back to a national cause!

Posted at 7:30 AM, Sep 03, 2018
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September is Neonatal Intensive Care awareness month, and this Smart Shopper Deal of the Day will help a local business and a national foundation.

Mama B. Designs is a boutique apparel line, created for a great cause.

Nadine Bubeck (Mama B.) told us, "Our whole idea is to stylishly spread prematurity awareness. Fifty percent of each item from our Miracle Line goes to March of Dimes. It goes right to the foundation. They educate, research and provide services of premature babies."

Bubeck created this business because she's a mother of three boys under five years old, and her first son was a preemie.

"Nicholas arrived six weeks early at four pounds, 11 ounces, a little doll. He spent seven nights in the NICU, which really isn't that long. I know a lot of people who spend weeks and months in the NICU, but still it's our story. Those seven nights really took an emotional toll on me. You know, it's hard seeing your baby in the incubator. I was scared to hold him.... Luckily, we had amazing doctors, amazing nurses, and after seven nights, we were able to bring Nicholas home," Nadine said bursting with a smile.

Her eyes lit up as she explained, "His name means victorious, and he's our little fighter. He's five years old, thriving, he's a fantastic little boy. Every birthday, every holiday, we go into the NICU, and we bring the people in the NICU gifts because it's so important to me to instill in my children to find and fulfill a passion and to pay it forward."

We asked Nicholas about when he visits the NICU, and he said, "I remember when I was teensie weensie... It's like when I was a baby.... It makes me feel happy."

Bubeck told us she wanted to create something inspirational to give families hope, something that's playful, comfortable, that women, men and kids will want to wear.

So, she has all kinds of shirts, onesies for little kids, and "twinning" options for moms and kiddos. The shirts have designs like, "Believe in Miracles", "Miracles Happen", "Thankful and Blessed", "Bold. Breathe. Believe."

Nicholas told us he loves the designs (especially the crown), but he says the best part is that, "it's super soft!" Yes, naturally, he felt the shirt and laid out across the couch as he said it.

We asked Nicholas what he's thankful for, and he said, "my family and the doctors who took care of me." We told him we are thankful for all of that too.


Mama B. Designs is teaming up with us for a Smart Shopper Deal of the Day!

You'll score half off all her clothing through September 5th. Just enter the promo code: SMARTSHOPPER (it is case-sensitive, so use all uppercase)

Her shirts typically range between $20 and $30.

Remember, 50 percent of the proceeds from every item purchased on her Miracle Line goes directly to March of Dimes. This is truly a win-win for everyone. You're supporting a local business, a great cause, and giving back.

"I want to put our experience and journey to good use," Nadine continued, "Every child is a miracle. Every child is resilient, and every experience, whether it be bumpy or perfect is beautiful because that's exactly what I've learned motherhood is."