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Saving on July 4 cookout essentials

Posted at 4:42 PM, Jul 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-01 19:42:37-04

The price of the average American cookout has gone up this year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. It just released a new report this week outlining how much traditional July 4 cookout items went up in cost. That report says people will pay 17% more to feed 10 people at a holiday weekend gathering – due to inflation and persistent supply chain issues.

So, the ABC15 Smart Shopper team wanted to help you out by looking for better prices than the averages provided by the bureau report.

Here are a few deals we found:

Hamburger buns (1 package)

  • Report average: $1.93
  • Fry’s: 3 for $4 with rewards card
  • Bashas’: 2 for $5
  • Costco: $3.26/ea. (16 count pack)
  • Sam’s Club: $2.98/ea. (16 count pack)

Ground beef (2 pounds)

  • Report average: $11.12
  • Safeway: $7.99/lb. (or 3.5 lbs. for 5.99/lb.)
  • Fry’s: $1.97/lb. with digital coupon
  • Bashas’: $1.99/lb.
  • Costco: $32.04/ea. ($4.67/lb. for 7 lbs.)
  • Sam's Club: $5.88/lb. (patties) or $3.98/lb. (package)

Ice cream (half gallon)

  • Report average: $5.16
  • Safeway: Blue Bell $8.99
  • Fry’s: Blue Bell $5.99
  • Bashas’: Breyers 2/$5 with digital coupon (1.5 qt)
  • Sam’s Club: $6.88
  • Walmart: $2.24 for 48 oz

Strawberries (2 pints)

  • Report average: $4.44
  • Safeway: $4.99/lb. or 2 lb. for $7.99/ea. ($4.00 lb.)
  • Fry’s: $2.50 lb.
  • Bashas’: $0.98/each for 16 oz.

Each store has deals and discounts on other July 4 food and drinks. The best way to save is to always use the store’s rewards or loyalty cards. Also, sign up for alerts through your email and download your store’s app to use coupons.