Prices at the pump rise this week, but several locations are still at $1.99!

Posted at 8:27 AM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 11:27:20-04

Last week's cheapest price was $1.97, but this week the cheapest price is $1.99. Other locations are flirting with the two-dollar mark or going above it.

Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria and Phoenix have the cheapest price this week at $1.99. Tempe' is in second place with the next cheapest price at $2.02, and Avondale comes in third with the price at $2.05. In previous weeks, all three cheapest prices were under two dollars. That has shifted.

Take a look at the price breakdown for these ten cities:

Ahwatukee - $2.09 (same price, minus one location)

7-Eleven: 4803 E Chandler Blvd & E 28th St

Circle K: 4939 E Ray Rd & S 50th St

Corner: 4305 E Ray Rd & E Ranch Circle N

Shell: 4410 E Ray Rd & S 44th St

Fry’s: 3955 E Chandler Blvd near S 40th St

Circle K: 4950 E Chandler Blvd & S 50th St

Circle K: 3201 E Chandler Blvd & S 32nd St

Circle K: 5060 E Warner Rd & S 51st St

Circle K: 4810 E Warner Rd & S 48th St

Circle K: 4001 E Chandler Blvd & S 40th St


Avondale - $2.05 (up four cents from last week & same locations)

Costco: 10000 W McDowell Rd near N 99th Ave

Sam’s Club: 1459 N Dysart Rd near E Van Buren St


Chandler - $1.99 (up two cents & two different locations)

ARCO: 1105 W Chandler Blvd & Alma School Rd

ARCO: 5050 S Arizona Ave & W Chandler Heights Rd


Gilbert - $1.99 (same price as last week & two more locations)

Costco: 1415 N Arizona Ave near W Baseline Rd

Sam’s Club: 1225 N Gilbert Rd & E Houston Ave

ARCO: 37 N McQueen Rd & W Elliot Rd

ARCO: 786 W Guadalupe Rd & N Cooper Rd (cash)


Glendale - $1.99 (same price as last week & same locations)

Costco: 17550 N 79th Ave & W Campo Bello Dr

Sam’s Club: 18501 N 83rd Ave near W Union Hills Dr


Mesa - $1.99 (same price as last week, but only one location)

ARCO: 25 W McKellips Rd & Center St


Peoria - $1.99 (same price as last week & only one location)

ARCO: 8271 W Thunderbird Rd & 83rd Ave


Phoenix - $1.99 (same price as last week, but different locations)

Costco: 1646 W Montebello Ave near N 17th Ave

Costco: 3801 N 33rd Ave & W Grand Ave

ARCO: 2902 N 16th St & E Thomas Rd

ARCO: 935 N 43rd Ave & Roosevelt St


Scottsdale - $2.07 (up two cents- that’s up eight cents from the previous weeks with different locations)

ARCO: 8350 E McDowell Rd & Granite Reef

Safeway: 10773 N Scottsdale Rd near E Shea Blvd


Tempe – $2.02 (up five cents from last week & same location)

Costco: 1445 W Elliot Rd near S Priest Dr


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