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One-stop site to find the best price on books

Posted at 5:51 AM, Aug 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 10:02:12-04

Whether you're reading for fun or school, renting can save you a lot of cash if you know where to look.

Some of the more popular book rental sites are Chegg, Amazon, and But don't search every site for every book. Try

The site does the hard work for you. It's as simple as typing in the book you want and Slugbooks tells you the best place to save, whether you want to rent or buy.

Of course, we made sure the site is accurate. We compared several books from a typical syllabus.

Slugbooks was accurate on all except one out of ten searches. And it was off by less than 50 cents. So, I'd say it's a great one-stop shop to help you bring down the cost.

And if you have old books lying around, Slugbooks will also help you sell. Just type in the book you want to sell, and you'll get a quote of how much you can make.