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No matter what phone you get, don't pay full price

Posted at 6:56 AM, Sep 12, 2018

How much would you spend on a new iPhone? Everyone is buzzing about the three new phones Apple is expected to unveil. 

One is supposed to be its biggest and most expensive iPhone, and considering the last one started at $1,000, I'm a little nervous of what to expect.

But there is supposed to be an alternative... According to rumors, Apple will release a version made with cheaper materials for about $650. My goal is to help you pay even less.

So here are some alternatives to help you save on any smartphone!

Buy an older model. Apple dropped its price by $100 when it revealed the iPhoneX. Buy a refurbished phone. That could save you hundreds of dollars. Trade in your old phone on sites like Gazelle and Amazon.  Stores like Best Buy will also buy back your phone.  But do you research to get the best price.

Use your trade to lower your payment on whatever phone you get next. Buy an unlocked phone so you have freedom to go with the service that offers you the best deal. But make sure it will work with your chosen network. 

Consider other brands, such as HTC, and Moto. Finally wait for a promotion. Expect lots of deals during Black Friday season.