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Library use goes up as inflation hits Americans' wallets

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Posted at 5:00 AM, May 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-04 09:51:06-04

PHOENIX — It has never been more important to utilize free resources. Everyone’s dollars are stretched thin but there's one place where practically everything is free.

That place is the local library and they're offering more than ever before.

Phoenix Public Library Community Relations Manager Lee Franklin said now that inflation is sky-high, more people are taking advantage of library resources.

She said, "When the economy is more at the forefront, we have seen a huge surge in library use."

She pointed to the section that will help get your budget in order. It's filled with personal finance books.

Whether someone’s been investing for years or just getting started, there are financial tips for everyone’s personal journey — all for free.

The library is changing the way it does things too, to keep up with the times and demand.

Franklin said, "We have various platforms that offer movie streaming, music streaming, access to TV shows."

Before you cancel Netflix or Spotify, remember you still need an internet connection to utilize those services. However, you may be able to say goodbye to that bill too since the library offers it for free.

“We offer laptops for checkout. We also offer Wi-Fi hotspots. And they are a hot commodity,” Franklin mentioned.

Part of getting ahead of personal finances may be landing a new job. Those are popular free courses at the library, along with workshops on resume writing and interviewing.

No matter what you need, Franklin said not to forget how much is at your fingertips when you have a library card.

"If you're needing to make a decision or you need to research something or you just have a question, start with your library."

Visit for more on what Phoenix libraries offer. The Maricopa County Library system offers similar resources and works with libraries to complement offerings.