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How to score the best seats at the best price for Arizona Cardinals games!

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Posted at 9:22 AM, Sep 26, 2019
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Don't accept the first price that you find for Arizona Cardinals game day tickets. Instead, challenge the process! We know the huddle, I mean, struggle can be real, and that's why we did all the hard work for you!

Your Smart Shopper Team went to three different sites to compare the best prices and the best seats for three games. Here is what we found!


The Seattle Seahawks play at State Farm Stadium on Sunday, September 29, and you'll want good seats for this game!


The best section and best price we could find was on the main level in the end zone. Section 121 had the following prices:

  • TickPick has tickets at $197 each. If you're looking for the best bundle, two tickets would cost you $394 for seats nine and 10.
  • Ticketmaster is $149.20 each. Ticketmaster wouldn't allow us to do two as a bundle. But, if you want row 32, two tickets in seats five and six, it would cost $298.40.
  • StubHub is the cheapest at $123.69 each! We did find one single ticket for $117 and some change, but it wouldn't tell you what seat it was for. If you're going alone, and don't care to know your seat in advance, that can be a great option. But, if you want a bundle, two tickets for seats 17 and 18 in row 14 would cost you $344.48.


Don't forget! You have to add up the service fees. That changes the prices to:

  • TickPick tickets at $197 each (no additional fees).
  • Ticketmaster changes from $149.20 to $171.90 each.
  • StubHub changes from $123.69 to $146.97.

Overall, StubHub had the best prices in the best section for this game. Some sites change the service fees, order processing fees, and whatever else they are named, depending on the game. They'll fluctuate to be higher or sometimes give you an estimate of what the fees will cost instead of a specific number. Some sites only allow you to book one ticket instead of two or more. Others allow it, while some require you to purchase bundles for two or more.


If you're looking for the cheapest seats, we found Section 450, row 12, seats seven and eight to have the best prices:

  • Ticketmaster has two seats for $124.85 including taxes and fees.
  • TickPick is a flat rate of $118 for two seats.
  • StubHub is $137.12 for two tickets.


The San Francisco 49ers play on Halloween! Hopefully, it will be full of tricks on our opponent and treats for fans with a win! Here are the best seats and prices we found.


  • For Ticketmaster, in section 120, row 20, seat nine is $109.10 each, including taxes and fees. Two tickets would be $218.20.
  • StubHub has one ticket for $73.74 each, including taxes and fees, in section 116, row 38. If you buy two tickets, the total would be $147.48. Some cannot be bought as a bundle, but can be purchased individually. So, coordinate with your fellow fan when securing the seats.
  • TickPick had only one seat at the best price of $66 each in section 116, row 38. The best part is that there are no service or delivery fees. That is a flat rate!


Here are the best prices:

  • Ticketmaster has a starting rate at $34 each for section 450, row 15, seats five and six. The grand total for two tickets with the taxes, processing and service fees brings the grand total to $85.23.
  • TickPick is $38 each for section 450, row 15, seats 17 and 18. There are no service fees. So, the grand total for two tickets would be $76.
  • StubHub has the lowest starting-at price of $30.69 if you want to be in an area where you can purchase two tickets. That total for two tickets, with additional fees, would be $88.48. It's important to note that in section 405, you can get individual tickets. You won't be given a specific seat right away. You would be in a seat somewhere between seats one and five. The bundle is $29.58 each in section 452. You can get seats three and four together in row 13.


Our Arizona Cardinals take on the Los Angeles Rams on December 1. A win sure would be an amazing early Christmas gift!


The best seats at the best price including the fees are as follows:

  • StubHub is $55.80 per ticket in section 120, row 35, seats three and four. The grand total for two tickets is $157.60.
  • TIcketmaster is $81 each before fees in section 120, row 27, seats 13 and 14. For two tickets, and after the additional fees, the total would be $194.11.
  • TickPick is $71 each with no service or delivery fee in section 120. So, it's a flat rate of $142 for two tickets.


The cheapest tickets are below in section 421, row 13:

  • Ticketmaster's starting-at rate is $33 each. For two tickets in seats 21 and 22, it would cost $80.83 total.
  • StubHub's starting-at price is $29.76 each. The total for two tickets, including additional fees is $85.92.
  • TickPick is $36 each. There are no additional fees, so the flat rate for two tickets would be $72!

TickPick was the site that had the best prices in all of our comparisons.

Since the costs and available seats change frequently, be sure to do a comparison on your own. In fact, these seats may be sold out or have a different price from the time we wrote this story to the time you read this.


  • Do a comparison on your own before you dive in to buy tickets.
  • Make sure you purchase from a verified vendor.
  • Since the games at State Farm Stadium require digital tickets, check ticket prices the day of the game four hours prior, all the way through the first quarter. We've noticed that the prices drop! So, if you want to buy a ticket last minute, be near the stadium. Then, buy your ticket at the last second. Save money, present your ticket on your phone, and enjoy the game with more cash in your wallet!
  • There are websites out there that allow you to set price alerts. Just make sure you research them and read all of the reviews, especially the complaints through the Better Business Bureau.

Let us know what other sites you use to compare prices or buy your tickets through! Enjoy the games!