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Download these apps and get free food and dessert!

Posted at 6:20 AM, Nov 05, 2018

I found a way to take at least one thing off your to-do list: the cooking.

Here are five apps that will give you free food just for signing up.

We start with 7-11, because you get 800 free points for downloading the app and signing up.

That gets you all sorts of freebies, including a Big Gulp, medium coffee, donut, granola bar, Pop Tarts, brownies, cookies, a Slurpee, pizza and more! Through this app, you will also earn points for every dollar spent and bonus points for designated menu items.

Chili's welcomes you with a free non-alcoholic drink, or chips and salsa.

At TGI Friday's, sign up and within minutes, you'll get an email with a coupon offering a free appetizer or dessert.

At Sonic, you get a free slush or drink, plus half off a shake.

Panera will give you a free pastry.

Download the Baskin Robbins app and you’ll get a free regular scoop, plus buy one sundae, get one for $.99, and more coupons. 

Activate your Jamba Juice account and get you $3 off your order. That $3 can score you a free pastry. You’ll have to pay a little more for smoothies since they start at $3.19 for a kids size. This app lets you earn points for more discounts too.

Which free apps are saving you the most cash?  Email me at