Get baby equipment for more than half the cost

Posted at 5:42 PM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-08 19:42:57-05

Do you have visitors coming to town with kids and you don't have any?

Don't waste your cash buying toys and equipment to accommodate... Rent it instead.

There are several rental services in the Valley for baby and kid items.

I checked the prices at three popular services to see which will save you the most cash.

I searched for everything from cribs, to travel systems and high chairs at Anything for Baby, My Baby Equipment Rentals and Travel Babees.

First on the list, booster high chairs.

At first glance, it appears Anything for Baby charges the most for the one week rental... $20. My Baby Equipment Rentals charges $17 and Travel Babees charges $15.

But not so fast, you still have to consider delivery.

My Baby Equipment Rentals charges a $25 delivery fee and you'll pay $45 at Travel Babees.

So, right now Anything for Baby is actually in the lead.

Next, travel systems... Which include a car seat and stroller.

Again, Anything for Baby has the best price... $62 for a one week rental.

My Baby Equipment Rentals charges $64 and Travel Babees will cost you $65.

Babies need a place to sleep and play so we checked the price on a pack and play.

Anything for Baby and Travel Babees both charge $40 for a one week rental.

But the best price is with My Baby Equipment Rentals, $39.

That's until you add in delivery.

Overall, that delivery fee made a huge difference... Especially if you only need to rent a few items.

But if you need a lot, My Baby Equipment Rentals is offering free delivery if you spend $100 or more and that makes them a little more competitive.

You'll need to use the promo code “MYBABY”.