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Does the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot really work?

Posted at 5:07 AM, Jan 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-11 09:18:03-05

Ingredients are key to making a good meal. Good pots and pans are also vital. So, we tried out a pot that is supposed to let you cook and strain in the same pot, plus it’s non-stick!

It’s called the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot.

The claim is you’re guaranteed perfect straining and delicious meals every time. We bought it on Amazon for $27.50, including shipping. You can also find it on the company’s website for $29.99, plus $5 shipping.

The pasta pot has a built-in strainer. It's five quarts and it has twist-lock handles to keep the lid in place. Plus, the tempered glass lid has large holes on one side for draining larger foods, and small holes on the other for smaller foods.

We made macaroni and cheese, popcorn with marshmallows, ground beef, and we even tried melting cheese in the pot. Surprisingly, it really didn’t stick and burn.

For our mac and cheese, straining was no problem! We turned the pot upside and shook it several times. The lid stayed in place and the meal slid right onto the plate.

We easily popped popcorn. It was so simple to cook the marshmallows; they stuck more to the spatula than they did to the pot.

And the grease from the ground beef slid out with ease.

So, for $29.99, is the Gotham Steel Pot bull or no bull?

I think it's obvious from our results, I'm going with no bull. It passed all our tests with flying colors.