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Does the Fasta Pasta make the perfect noodles? We try it out!

Posted at 6:22 AM, Jan 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-17 08:22:19-05

I love pasta, but it doesn’t always turn out the way I want.

Walk away at the wrong time, and it turns out sticky, chewy or just not perfect.

The Fasta Pasta is supposed to fix that problem.

It’s made right here in the USA and considered the Original Microwave Cooker.

The claim is perfect pasta every time!

The makers say the patented reservoir design circulates the water, tumbling the pasta so it won't stick to the bottom.

And it's dishwasher safe!

Plus it's supposed to be good for every pasta type!

So we tried it on penne, fettuccine and lasagna noodles!

There are cooking instructions and measurements for each type,

Plus there are holes on the lid to help you get the perfect serving size.

For each type of pasta, it was as simple as adding your pasta, water and throwing it in the microwave.

For some, like the penne pasta, you have to take it out once and stir, then put it back in the microwave.

For all of the pasta we tried, it came out perfect and within the times given in the instructions.

So we were impressed with that aspect.

As for saving time, it wasn’t quicker for all of our pasta, specifically the penne. We had to cook it for ten minutes, stir and cook for another six minutes. That’s about how long it takes to cook on the stove if you include the boiling time.

Still, it was easier and more convenient than cooking on the stove. Instead of boiling the noodles in a pot, stirring on occasion, then using a strainer to drain the water. We could pretty much walk away and not worry about our pasta being under or overcooked.

It cost us $14.99 on Amazon, and if you make lots of pasta and it’s not always perfect, plus you don’t mind using the microwave, I’d say it’s worth your cash. Our pasta did come out perfect every time.

But if you consistently cook your pasta to perfection, save your cash.

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