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Does it work? We test out a product that flips like a spatula and grips like tongs!

Posted at 6:55 AM, May 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-10 09:55:54-04

Smart Shoppers love two-for-one deals in saving money and in the unique products we test. Whether you're wanting to make mom a homemade meal this Mother's Day or you're just looking for more convenience in the kitchen, check out this utensil!

The Clever Tongs flip like a spatula and grip like tongs. There are two different sizes, and they are described as having a hammock design to cradle food, making it fast and easy to grip, flip, scoop and serve. I'll admit, I was impressed with the infomercial.

We decided to test out six food items we bought from a nearby restaurant. First, we tested pancakes, and it was easy to flip the flapjacks, pick them up, and plate them. Just make sure you have enough room for the utensil to pick the pancakes up off the skillet to begin with.

It was also EGGstraordinary with the scramble. It scooped up the eggs, and it was simple to place them EGGsactly how we wanted. I would apologize for the puns, but there are more coming.

The infomercial shows Clever Tongs lifting and serving up a bundle of asparagus and sausage. We tried eight sausage links and couldn't grip them all at first. One of the links actually hopped out of the skillet. Whatever we couldn't scoop up in one swoop though, we easily could pick up using the tong part of the utensil to set them on the plate.

Clever Tongs are supposed to be strong enough to lift up a roast or king-sized rib eye with ease, so we figured there's a lot at STEAK! We tried lifting our T-Bone steak, and it totally worked. We used the same-sized Clever Tong to lift delicate Tilapia, and it was a breeze!

For the final dish, we had a potato medley with hash browns and bigger cuts of potatoes. Though it got messy toward the end, with some of the hash browns spilling over the edge of the skillet, the Clever Tongs picked up most of the grub. It is a SPUD, I mean stud, not a dud!

We ordered Clever Tongs on Amazon for $24.99, and it came with two sizes, one was bigger and one was smaller. They both have locking devices for storage. There are other prices listed on Amazon, and Clever Tongs can be bought directly on their site.

The other claims are that Clever Tongs are non-stick and heat resistant made with a stainless steel frame with a patent-pending silicone cradle that is flexible and cradles the food, looking like a hammock. They are also supposed to be dishwasher safe.

So, where do Clever Tongs rank on our Bull or No Bull Meter? I'm going with... NO BULL!

What product do you want me to test? Email me, and maybe we can try them together!