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Does it work? Garlic Master is supposed to cut perfectly minced garlic in seconds!

Posted at 6:31 AM, Aug 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 09:54:47-04

When cooking with garlic, cutting the cloves can be a hassle. So, we decided to test out the Genius Garlic Master, "the revolutionary garlic cutter."

We'll see about that!

First, it comes with a garlic peeler. To give you an idea, it looks like a rubber cannoli. We put the garlic in, rolled, and surprisingly, it peeled the cloves! Plus, I used it to move the garlic since it sticks, and I didn't get that garlic smell stuck on my fingers.

I followed the directions for assembly, added some cooking oil, and placed the clove in the chamber.

Think of the Garlic Master as a fancy pepper shaker. You twist the top, and it's supposed to mince the garlic out the bottom in seconds. The infomercial explains, "As you twist the top, the press drives the cloves through a stainless steel cutting grid of 16 razor sharp blades. Then, a second blade cuts the cloves into 81 perfect cubes with no waste."

That was true for the most part. After about 30 seconds of twisting, we had minced garlic! I counted the cubes, some weren't perfect, though most were, and there were more than 80. 

We opened a jar of minced garlic and put it on the same plate as the garlic we minced through Garlic Master, and we couldn't really tell the difference between them. 

It is important to note that during the twisting process, it was not difficult for us, and the Garlic Master actually came to a stop when all of the garlic was minced. Some reviews shared that this device could be difficult to twist in general, especially for someone with arthritis. 

The Garlic Master is also supposed to be safe in the dishwasher. We did not test that claim.

We bought ours at Fry's Food Stores for $14.99. So, where does it rank on our 'Bull or No Bull Meter'? Since it worked, I'm going with NO BULL! However, keep in mind, there are other products out there that might be easier or take less effort. Plus, The Garlic Master has mixed reviews, mostly either extremely positive or extremely negative.

Do you want us to compare it to the Pampered Chef Garlic Press? Let us know!

Our photographer told us that if you want a fun hack to peel garlic, put them in a mason jar and shake. Also, if you get that garlic smell on your fingers, rub them on stainless steel and wash your hands. Then, it should go away!