Deal or no deal? Best grocery deals in the Valley

Posted at 6:18 AM, May 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-16 11:56:00-04

Tuesdays...We love sharing the grocery deals early! This week is no different. There are lots of ways to get the most bang for your buck, if you know where to shop.


Fry's Deals


Save more than half on blueberries at Fry's this week.

Get a six ounce container for 88 cents.

While you're there, grab a jumbo cantaloupe for just 75 cents.

And an awesome deal on large eggs... 69 cents each.


Safeway Deals


Safeway won't get beat on eggs this week charging the same price for Lucerne large eggs.

They also have the best price we found on Powerade this week... 32 ounce bottles for 44 cents.

You have to buy six to get that price.

Safeway also beat the competition on Sanderson Farms chicken... They're selling whole fryers, drumsticks, thighs and leg quarters for 67 cents per pound.


Bashas' Deals


Bashas’ has a similar deal... But they're charging ten cents more.

They also have cherries for a dollar 77 per pound... About 20 cents cheaper than the best price we saw last week.


Albertsons Deals


Pair that with strawberries.

Albertsons has 16 ounce containers on sale for 75 cents. That'll save you more than two bucks per container.

Pay $1.67 for Kelloggs cereal, Pop Tarts and Malt o Meal.

Plus they have an entire page of meat deals like buy one and get two or three packs free.


I want to make sure you guys know what you're looking for when finding the best deals.

Sometimes it makes it hard when the sales are in weight.

So what's a good deal for a pineapple?



Pineapples are on sale at Food City... Three pounds for 99 cents.

Bashas’ has them on sale for 97 cents each.

So which is the better deal?


I'm going to make it easy...

Pineapples average about a pound and a half to two pounds.

So this two pound pineapple will actually cost you less than 70 cents at Food City.

That's the better deal, but the Bashas’ deal for 99 cents is still good because we saw pineapples at other stores for two bucks this week.


What’s your favorite grocery deal this week?  Email us at