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'Cash stuffing' is the latest trend to help you save and stick to your budget

An expert says it has its benefits and its drawbacks
Posted at 6:35 AM, Aug 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-15 09:35:00-04

Forget the dance challenges — influencers say the latest TikTok trend is on the money as #cashstuffing is trending with over 400 million views.

The idea is to ditch the plastic and your debt by paying for everything in cash.

"Last year I saved $5,000," said TikTok user @rebeccabudgetguru in one of her "cash stuffing" videos.

While the cost of everything from groceries to gas seems to be depleting funds faster than ever, more people are swiping their credit and debit cards to keep up.

Financial professional with Asset Preservation Tax and Retirement Services Stewart Willis explains that "cash stuffing" gets back to basics.

"Cash your check, withdraw the funds and stuff it in different envelopes, for example, your electric, your car bill, your play money," said Willis.

Willis says there are some real benefits.

"It actually helps you set a budget. You can't spend more; it prevents you from spending money on credit cards."

He adds it cuts out impulse buying and helps build good habits like regularly reviewing your finance and goal setting.

But he does caution there is a big long-term drawback.

"If all your stuff is bought in cash, you never establish a real line of credit or credit history," said Willis — and that's something to consider if you ever want to buy a home or need a new car.

He also suggests not going off the grid entirely and still participating in employer-offered benefits like 401ks and investing in Roth IRAs.