Buy one, get one or two free on meat, fruit and drinks!

Posted at 5:30 AM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-19 09:35:07-04

Free fruit, meat and drinks!

Oh yeah... I've got the scoop on the best deals at valley grocery stores because we get the ads early!

So let's go shopping!

Bashas’ is giving you reason to wait until the weekend to shop because they have some awesome deals Friday through Sunday;

Pay $1.57 per pound for their boneless skinless chicken breasts or the boneless pork chops sirloin cut.

Add pineapple to the cart for 98 cents each.

Don't leave without dessert! Breyers ice cream is on sale... Buy one and get two free... But again that's only Friday through Sunday.


Where can you get free steak?

At Fry's... well sort of.

They have their boneless beef petite sirloin steak on sale... Buy one, get two free!

Plus Fry's has the best deal we found on red grapes, 77 cents per pound.

And most stores have Powerade on sale this week but we found the best price at Albertsons... 44 cents each.

You must buy six to get that deal.

While you're there stock up on eggs because you can get 18 large eggs for $1.49.


And got five bucks?

Friday is your day to shop because it's Five Dollar Friday at Albertsons and Safeway.

At Albertsons get wild caught salmon for $5 per pound, more than half off raspberries and blueberries... Three for $5.

Plus a coupon for $5 off your bill of $50 or more at both stores!


Shop Safeway any day through Tuesday and get three red bell peppers or cucumbers for a buck.

Great deal since regular cost for those peppers are a dollar each!


Food City has chicken drumsticks or thighs on sale for 67 cents per pound.

Pay 97 cents per pound for catfish nuggets.


What’s on your grocery list this week?

Let us know where you’re finding the best deals and what you want us to search for when we get the ads early next week!  Just pipe in on our SmartShopper15 Facebook page.