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Bull or No Bull: Will this USB-powered mini fan blow us away?

Posted at 6:51 AM, Sep 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-04 09:51:42-04

It may be fall but it still feels like summer. So, today I'm testing out a product that might help cool us down.

It's called the Arctic Breeze Mobile USB Fan, and I'll let you know if it's Bull or No Bull.

It came in clear and easy-to-read packaging, stating that it's ideal for smart chargers, power banks and laptops.

It has a flexible neck. So, I put it into position first.

Since this wind machine is USB-powered and I had more work to do, I decided to plug it into my laptop.

As soon as I plugged in the Arctic Breeze Mobile USB Fan, the fan blades began to spin.

We needed to re-position it, so the breeze would come my way. The turning blades weren't far from the base of my laptop, so we had to unplug it to adjust the angle.

There wasn't much clearance from the blades and my hand. In fact, when I attempted to remove it, the blades hit my hand. It didn't hurt, but it sure did startle me. So, just be careful.

Some of the reviews online complain about the fan not holding certain angles. But, we changed ours several times, plugged it back in, and it definitely held the position. We cannot vouch for longevity and durability yet, as we've only had the product a few days.

Sitting back in my work chair, as if I was about to start typing on my laptop, I could feel the breeze, gently making my hair windblown.

Here's an added bonus. It's not an energy vampire. The good news is that it did not affect battery power. I had the fan plugged into my laptop, and watched the charge. It fell five percent in eight minutes. I unplugged it, and the time was the same. The charge dropped five percent in eight minutes.

We bought the Arctic Breeze Mobile Mini USB Desktop Fan for a little over $10 on Amazon.

So, where does it rank on our Bull or No Bull Meter? I'm going with... NO BULL!

What product do you want me to try before you buy? Email me!