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'Bull or No Bull?' We're testing a portable speaker, and all you need is your phone and batteries!

Posted at 8:44 PM, Jun 26, 2018

No wires, no Bluetooth but, is it "No Bull?" We're testing out the BoomTouch speaker to find out!

The claim is that it's a speaker that only has to touch your music player (like a phone) to work without any wires and no Bluetooth.

The infomercial shows that you simply lay your phone on top of the speaker, and you get to enjoy amazing, booming sound. 

How you may ask? The infomercial states that magnetic field induction isolates and amplifies the audio signal when the device touches down.

The video also shows volume levels with no speaker, levels when connected to a typical speaker, and the levels with the BoomTouch speaker. There was a major difference!

You will need three AA batteries and a cell phone or device with an EXTERIOR speaker.

We used a phone, and even with the volume only halfway up, the sound was booming when we placed the device on the speaker. When we turned volume up on the phone completely, we uncontrollably launched into an impromptu dance party!

It's a great, portable speaker that slightly resembles a megaphone in structure. You could easily take it by the pool, out on a picnic or on a road trip. Don't expect to feel the vibrations in your chest as if you're at a concert, but it does a pretty decent job, and the room was full of sound, just like the claims state!

The infomercial highlights that the BoomTouch is compatible with any device that has an external speaker. It can play music for hours and is super light-weight and portable. There are spaces on the back of the speaker for you to plug into if needed.

For example, if you didn't want to use batteries, you can plug it into a wall. Or, if you want to plug in an iPad, iPod, etc., you would have that option as well and still get the same effect. There is also fine print on the infomercial stating that larger devices may require a standard AUX cable, that is not included.

We bought ours through Amazon. Its original listing price is $19.99, but the Prime price is $12.30. Overall, you'll pay somewhere between $15 and $20, and I'm thinking it's worth the cash.

So, where does the Boom Touch Speaker rank on our "Bull or No Bull" meter? I'm going with NO BULL!

Click here to watch the infomercial.

And if you buy it, let us know what you think! Do you want to test out a product with us? Email us with your ideas!