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Bull or No Bull: Testing the 'Swinging Cup' to make traveling easier

Posted at 9:36 AM, Mar 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-11 12:21:35-04

PHOENIX — Have you ever traveled and wished you had an extra set of hands? Sometimes it feels like it's nearly impossible to carry everything, plus a drink! Well, now, there might be a solution!

Behold, the Swinging Cup! The website describes it as "your new traveling companion, a hands-free gadget for your beverage."

We were sent a package with this product more than a year ago. It came with instructions and the Swinging Cup.

It has adjustable straps, and it's supposed to attach to "almost anything with a handle, including your rolling suitcase, grocery cart, crafter bag, lawn mower, stroller," according to the website.

How does it work? According to the website, "[b]ased on the principle of a pendulum, and centripetal force, it holds your lidded beverage without spilling while you travel, work, shop, and enjoy life."

We decided to test it out and see if the claims hold up. For our tests, we used my bright pink suitcase that I bring to work every day.

TEST #1:

We attached the Swinging Cup to the back handle and used a reusable 16-ounce coffee cup. Just in case, we filled it with water.

When I grabbed the top handle to lean the suitcase to wheel it around, it was a breeze. The Swinging Cup swayed gently and no water spilled. It was not awkward at all and never hit my feet as I walked. Even if it did, the straps are adjustable so that wouldn't be a problem.

Since luggage in general has evolved -- and this one is capable of rotating 360 degrees -- we gave it a spin...literally! The Swinging Cup held tight and didn't spill.

TEST #2:

We also attached the Swinging Cup to the top handle, and used the back handle to wheel the bag. We had the same outcome and no spills.


It's important to note that all drinks must have a lid for this to work. Also, we found that cups between 16 ounces and 32 ounces worked best. Larger cups, such as my 50.7-ounce water bottle did not fit.

Our package also came with a "StixToGo," which plugs the hole in your drink to keep the liquid hot.

How much does it cost? $9.99 and it can be purchased from their website.

So, where does it rank on our Bull or No Bull Meter? I'm going with... NO BULL!

According to the website, it is made with washable materials like neoprene, nylon, and velcro. We did not test that claim.