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Bull or No Bull: Can a toilet paper roll collect debris when you drill into a wall?

Posted at 10:55 AM, Aug 28, 2020

For this week's edition of Bull or No Bull, we're taking a break from testing products, and we decided to test a hack!

Sometimes when you drill into drywall or wood, to hang a picture for example, some of the particles can fall down and create a mess on the floor.

So, I found some hacks online that are supposed to help with that, but we’re going to do our own version using a toilet paper roll. I will let you know if it’s Bull or No Bull!

To create our collector contraption, we held the toilet paper roll vertically. We cut halfway up the toilet paper roll, and then we cut horizontally, around. So, you'll have one side that's completely intact. This cylinder will be between one and two inches in height.

Now for the fun part! I placed the toilet paper roll against the wall. It should have the opening against the wall. As if it was a telescope, you can see through the opening to the wall. In that opening, I drilled a screw into the wall, while still holding the toilet paper roll in place with my other hand.

When I brought the drill back and set it aside, I looked into the cylinder. The toilet paper roll collected all the drywall dust! I dumped it onto fabric to show it more clearly. You may not realize what all is falling onto the floor.

My opinion is that there is no way to SCREW up this hack! Cue the rimshot...

So, where does this rank on our Bull or No Bull Meter? I'm going with... NO BULL!

What hacks or products do you want me to try before you buy? Let me know!