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Best things to buy in January and what to snatch up now

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Posted at 4:00 AM, Dec 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-15 06:00:12-05

If you missed out on any killer Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, don’t rush to buy what you need right now. The best time to buy some items is after the new year.

Appliances, furniture and other big-ticket items may be better purchased in January for a couple of reasons.

Kristin McGrat, a RetailMeNot expert, says with all of the shipping delays and supply issues, you probably won’t get the big items you need before the holidays anyway. Plus, around President’s Day, you’ll likely see big savings with those holiday sales.

For other home items, stores often hold sales on linens, towels and similar items.

Mattresses are also commonly on sale early in the year.

Stores will also be trying to get products off their shelves as the holidays get closer and pass, so expect sales on toys, games, seasonal items and more.

However, you shouldn’t wait to buy everything, McGrat says.

If you see a hot deal on popular products you have to have —especially tech items — you might want to snatch them up as quickly as possible. Many Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for products like KitchenAids and Apple Watches quickly sold out.

Again, supply issues may make it tough to get your hands on some products sooner rather than later.