Best Black Friday deals: When to shop to score big savings

Posted at 7:15 PM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-24 20:49:14-05
These next few weeks are a deal hunters dream... if you know when and where to shop.
Our Smart Shopper team has done all of the research to make sure you find the best deals all season long.
Benjamin Glaser, a feature editor with DealNews, says Thanksgiving is hands down the top deals day of the year! 
He's been accurately predicting the best sales year after year. 
This year he says if he had to choose one store to shop this Black Friday season, it would be Amazon. 
His other top choices for Black Friday are Target, Best Buy... And But, don't assume every doorbuster deal is really saving you any cash.
Glaser says, “Right now I've seen two stores advertise Apple Watch Series 2 for $369 and they're saying it's a great deal when it's the normal price!”
So the first way to saving the most cash is doing your research.
DealNews is a great place to start, because typically if you see it on the app... it's a good deal.
But, it's not the only way to compare prices.
“Any mobile browser is great for comparing prices. Just type in the item you're interested in, and you can see if there's a lower price out there.”
Also have a budget and a list, and stick to it. Even if you see a great deal, if you don't need it, don't buy it.
But if you've been waiting for a new 4K TV Glaser says this is definitely the year to buy.
"The most impressive deal we're seeing is a 49-inch Smart TV bundled with a Chromecast at Best Buy for $199 and that's just an insane price.”
But you will have to stand in line on Thanksgiving Day for that deal.
Fortunately... That's not the case with many doorbusters.
"You do not have to skip Thanksgiving dinner to take advantage of amazing Thanksgiving deals because almost all of the deals are available online,” says Glaser. 
So what about Cyber Monday?
Glaser says for a couple of categories Cyber Monday is actually a stronger day for deals than Thanksgiving and Black Friday... stronger on things like digital cameras, fragrances, headphones, shoes and holiday gifts.
But don't spend all of your cash next week, because there are a few deals where we see better prices in December and even January.
So if you're buying toys, Glaser says the best deals are typically the second week of December.
You'll also want to wait on winter clothes, even though there will be some sales next week.
“We certainly see some good deals during Black Friday, like 50 percent off, but if you can wait until as late in the winter as possible, that's when you will see clearance where you can get 60, 70 and 80 percent off,” says Glaser.
DealNews has an entire list showing you when to buy the deal of your dreams. You can also find all of the leaked Black Friday ads there.