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Are school uniforms cheaper at Target, Walmart, Fallas or Old Navy?

Posted at 11:45 AM, Jul 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-22 14:57:38-04

Old Navy is having a massive sale right now, up to 50 percent off store-wide and a clearance event up to 75 percent off! So, does that mean they will have the best prices for school uniforms?

I shopped at Target, Walmart, Fallas Discount Stores and Old Navy. Here's how it breaks down!


For uniform polos, Old Navy has buy one, get one free for $9.99, using online promo code: "RECESS". So, that brings the price down to closer to $5 for two polos. Walmart's best deal is two polos for $7.50, bringing it to $3.75 each instead. Most polos were at $9.99 each, though. The cheapest at Target is $4 before you score an additional 20 percent off, bringing the new total closer to $3.20 with the discount. Though, most were at $8 or higher. Fallas polos are at a fixed rate of $3.99 each, every time!

It's a tight let's talk shorts!


I found a pair at Target for $5, though most were priced closer to $10. Fallas charges a flat rate for uniform shorts at $5.99 each. You'll pay more at Walmart because $7.50 is the lowest price I found. Old Navy charges even more at $12 with the promo code: "RECESS".


When it comes to uniform pants, Old Navy was the most expensive again -- $14 before discounts! Target had some for $11.99. Walmart was cheaper at $9.87, but the prices weren't low enough to beat Fallas at $7.99!

In the end, Target and Fallas had the best prices of all the uniform pieces we compared! So, be sure to check the sales and do your own research to save!

It's important to note that some of the prices may have changed since this story aired.