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Dump truck caught driving miles with unsecured load around Phoenix

Posted at 10:22 PM, Aug 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 22:51:46-04

Drivers across the Valley want police to catch a dump truck driver who put dozens at risk with a truck overflowing with heavy equipment.

The dangerous journey ended with a massive lawnmower falling into the street after being knocked out of the truck by a Phoenix street sign.

The dump truck was initially spotted in Ahwatukee, splitting a stop light like it was a field goal.

"It was piled high with tractors, and it looked like equipment," said Stephanie Conley, who took a video of the truck. 

Conley told ABC15 she quickly sped past the truck. 

"Because I was afraid that the tractor on top would come off," she said.

That is exactly what happened. Not only did small debris fly out of the uncovered dump truck, but the lawnmower came crashing to the ground after it was taken out by a stop sign at 48th street and Broadway Road in south Phoenix.

"When I got out here I just saw a big metal tractor tipped over in the middle of the street! I was like what the h*** is that," said Keng Booh, who heard the accident from his townhome.

The dump truck driver never even stopped to check on his equipment.

"We were wondering what the heck he was doing, but our main question is why he left it there," said one woman, who did not want to be identified.

People in Ahwatukee are confident the equipment is from the recently closed Club West Golf Course. 

"It was kind of sketchy if it was being moved legitimately or someone just came out there and took the equipment," said Conley.

Phoenix Police have not said whether or not they are investigating the incident. 

ABC15 has highlighted the dangers of debris in recent months. Every year Arizona sees roughly 1,000 crashes and 13 deaths from unsecured loads. Fortunately, the journey this week did not turn deadly.

"It could’ve fallen over on somebody’s car or on a person or anything. Someone could’ve gotten seriously hurt" said Booh. 

Witnesses say someone moved the mower to a nearby gas station, and an unknown person came to recover it a few days later. 

If you have any information about the driver, you as asked to call Phoenix police.