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Are Valley authorities enforcing the rules of the road?

Posted at 7:39 PM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-07 19:23:17-04

Since the launch of Operation Safe Roads, we’ve heard from viewers concerned about a “lack of enforcement” on our Valley roadways.

The perception is that speeders are getting away with breaking the law because they are not caught. Aggressive drivers rule the roads because no one holds them accountable. And basic driving etiquette, such as using your blinker when changing lanes, has gone out the window.

“During the whole month of May, I never ever saw any DPS in the area of the ‘safety corridor’, so why is that part of US 60 marked if is not being patrolled and tickets issued?” Kenneth emailed us at

“My husband and I have been in the Valley for the past 36 years. When we first moved here, you would occasionally see someone pulled over by the cops for a traffic infraction. In recent years, there does not seem to be any traffic enforcement at all!” Patricia wrote.

“When I go to other states… I almost always see highway patrol on the side of the road and on the streets, there was constant patrol of police cruisers monitoring the traffic…I always thought that was a bit much but after living here I welcome that now,” AG wrote. 

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So we asked, is that true? Has enforcement gone down?

Arizona Department of Public Safety Trooper Kameron Lee told ABC15 that troopers pull over more than half a million Arizona drivers a year, including more than 4,100 for DUI.

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“We just can't be everywhere at once even though we'd like to be, and this is where we really call on the public and need their help,” Trooper Lee said. 

By the numbers, there are 600 troopers to watch over 7,000 miles of roadway and millions of drivers.

While DPS funding has increased, much of it is going to other important campaigns. 

Trooper Lee wouldn’t comment on staffing levels on specific Valley freeways but says DPS is gathering data from safety corridors.

DPS says if you need to report a serious aggressive driver who is endangering others, call 911.

If you have a question about our roads, call the Operation Safe Roads hotline at 833-AZROADS.