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Tolleson police officer pinned by suspect in stolen vehicle

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Posted at 5:40 PM, Jun 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-24 13:43:21-04

TOLLESON, AZ — The Tolleson Police Department says an officer was injured after being pinned by a suspect in a stolen vehicle near 91st Avenue and Van Buren Street Thursday afternoon.

Authorities say officers located the stolen vehicle at a Circle K and when officers tried to stop the driver, the driver got back in the vehicle and tried to drive away.

While driving away, the vehicle rammed two Tolleson police vehicles, according to officials. The injured officer was then pinned in the door frame of the police vehicle.

The pinned officer was taken to the hospital in stable condition with injuries to the leg and ankle.

The vehicle drove out of the Circle K parking lot and crashed into another vehicle on 91st Avenue. The struck vehicle had four adults inside.

"As the light turns green, I am going a little bit and then go into the turning lane. We get hit. I let go a little bit. Then I grab the wheel again," said Amaylani Quiroz, one of the people in the car.

Quiroz was with her boyfriend and another couple when an out-of-control truck crashed into them.

"I am just glad I grabbed the wheel. I felt it leaving. I felt us keep going, so I just grabbed it," added Quiroz.

Officials say the four people are all in stable condition.

Quiroz's boyfriend, Nickolas Sheiha, says it happened so fast. He recalls looking down for just a couple of seconds.

"We just got hit. I blacked out, woke up, and got out of the car," says Sheiha. "I just did not expect it at all. I am just glad we were wearing seatbelts. That's it."

The driver of the stolen vehicle was taken into custody.

The suspect has since been identified as Chaz Williams, who was booked into jail on multiple felony charges.