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Fire officials: Man bitten by rattlesnake in Surprise

Fire officials: Man bitten by rattlesnake in Surprise
Posted at 12:20 PM, Mar 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-22 17:45:53-04

Surprise Fire officials say a man was taken to the hospital after he was bitten by a rattlesnake on Thursday morning. 

Emergency crews were called out to a rural farming area near the Loop 303 and Cactus Road where the snake bite occurred. 

A man around 50 years old was reportedly moving equipment when the snake bit him on the finger. 

Fire officials say they're not surprised rattlesnakes are out, though it's a little early for activity. 

According to the United States Forest Service, most rattlesnake bites occur between April and October when there is the most activity outdoors.

In case of a rattlesnake bite, the Forest Service says to:

  • Stay calm
  • Call Dispatch via radio or 911
  • Wash the bite area gently with soap and water if available
  • Remove watches, rings, etc., which may constrict swelling
  • Immobilize the affected area
  • Keep the bite below the heart if possible
  • Transport safely to the nearest medical facility immediately.