Sun City West has 'luckiest' Powerball store

Posted: 6:18 PM, Jan 12, 2016
Updated: 2016-01-13 15:48:02Z
Sun City West has 'luckiest' Powerball store

With two big winning tickets sold there in the last year, a Sun City West grocery store is quickly becoming a destination for Powerball hopefuls.

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"Oh heck yeah. We rushed right over," said one ticket buyer.

Located in the 13500 block of West Camino del Sol, lottery officials say the Safeway sold a $5 million ticket in January of 2015 and a $50,000 ticket last November.

"As soon as I saw the line was getting shorter I ran right over," said Dewna Norlin.

Clerks at the store are used to being busy. They sold 5,000 tickets before noon.

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