Residents of Peoria community enraged over air conditioning issues

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jul 06, 2017

The Northland community in Peoria is brand new, many of the homes built within the last year, so many residents are upset that they’re having constant problems with their new air conditioning units. 

“It feels like it's overworking; it's constantly running all day,” resident Matt Shepard said.

Problems for residents began at the beginning of the summer. Over the last two months, Shepard says his air conditioning is running all day but his home never cools down. He’s not so much concerned for himself struggling in this heat but for his 3-month-old daughter. 

Shepard also says the cooling company in charge of their A/C unit, Chaz Roberts A/C and Plumbing, has come to their home three times. They were even there last night working till midnight but he says he is still having problems. 

“It is struggling to cool down the house even after the third time they came,” Shepard said.

Alicia Walters lives in the same community. She also has a newborn and a two-year-old. She says she has had the same cooling company at her house to fix similar problems and says she still has several hotspots throughout her home and it is not cooling down to the temperature they set. These problems have led to a higher energy bill for her home.

She has even reached out to other cooling companies who have told her that her particular unit is not appropriate for her home. 

“The unit that we have is too small for the size of the house,” she said.

Her next door neighbor, the Estradas, have also had similar problems.

They say they have hot spots in their home.  After a month of waiting for a representative to visit their home, they say they learned their bypass motor was broken which meant the A/C was working harder to cool the home and therefore their energy bills were increasing. 

Even after the problems was found they still had to wait to get it fixed. Even after it was fixed they still have issues and certain parts of their home still not cool. This will be their fourth time calling to get issues resolved. 

“We shouldn’t have to have them come out several times a week or several times a month and we shouldn’t have these issues, we should get them resolved,” Shepard said.

We contacted Taylor Morrison, the developers of the community, who said they had had no formal complaints made to them about A/C issues.  But they say all units are under warranty and will work to get these issues resolved. 

Chaz Roberts said they look at each issue individually but have not seen an increase in failure rates in the area. Their answer to residents concerns that their A/C units are too small for their homes is that building codes have a strict limit on the size of equipment.

Shepard said he received a call from Taylor Morrison this afternoon who told him they had contacted Chaz Roberts and were taking action to get a team out to the neighborhood to fix their issues and that Taylor Morrison would do everything they can to make residents happy. 

He was told a Chaz Roberts representative would come by to get information from everyone who is having problems. As of this evening, Shepard says he has not had a representative come by to speak with him.