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UPDATE: "Bedazzled pigeon" reunited with owner

Posted at 2:18 PM, Nov 16, 2018

UPDATE: Good news! Fallen Feathers says it has located the owner of a "Bedazzled pigeon" that was turned into them recently. The pigeon, named Olive, was reunited with her owner Tuesday afternoon.

The owner, Marlette Fernando, first found Olive when work was being done on her roof and a baby pigeon was at their front door when they got home.

Olive escaped one day while on her daily car ride as Fernando took her son to school. She flew out of the car and was reunited when a friend of hers saw news coverage of the rescue trying to get in touch with the owner.


A local shelter is searching for the owner of a pigeon that was found wearing a “bedazzled” vest.

Workers at Fallen Feathers say it is obvious that the pigeon is domesticated, and had an owner at one point.

They posted this message earlier this week in an effort of finding the owner. 


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