Peoria band students raising money for truck to haul instruments

Peoria band students raising money for truck
Posted at 4:47 AM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 10:00:50-04

The first class of the day starts early for the Sunrise Mountain High School band in Peoria. 

All 105 members are on the field practicing every move and every note.

Mark Crowley is a junior. He joined the band his freshman year.

"The feeling of making music with some of your best friends is an incredible feeling," said Crowley. 

He already knows he wants to continue in music after he graduates. This is a big part of his life. So as part of his Eagle Scout project, he decided to start a fundraiser so the band could purchase its own truck.

Right now, the school spends a few thousand dollars a year renting a truck large enough to haul all of the instruments and equipment to other schools around the state, even in California for competitions.

The money saved by not renting could be put to better use.

"I've been here 15 years," said band director Chris Vail. "Some of the instruments have been here as long as I've been here or longer and we just need to get to work on replacing all that stuff."

Students really have banded together, not just to play, but to the raise money.

U-Haul has decided to match $6,200 already raised to buy a used truck but the band still needs a little more push to get the truck outfitted with all the right equipment to haul the instruments. 

If you're interested in reaching a high note with the students, donate here.