EXCLUSIVE: Woman shot while playing Pokemon Go in Peoria speaks out

Posted at 8:04 PM, Apr 12, 2017

The woman shot while playing Pokemon Go in Peoria is fighting back.
Tonja Adreon was shot while at a park in early February, and her attackers are still out there.

Adreon says she is now letting her identity be known, hoping someone who knows her attackers will be equally brave and turn them in.

"That's why I'm coming out publicly. I'm not afraid anymore. I'm not going to let these guys win,” said Adreon.

In February, Adreon says she was playing Pokemon Go, and pulled into the Peoria's City Hall complex to catch Pokemon. Suddenly there were five guys at her car.

"They were looking for the right person, in the right place and for the right car," recalls Adreon.

One of the guys had a gun to her head and demanded she get out.

"I knew whether I got out of the car or stayed in the car, he was going to shoot me," said Adreon.

As she hit the gas, the gunman fired, shooting Adreon in the face.

"I got shot, it went in here and came out right there behind the other ear. This jaw is totally hearing was damaged and my neck also injured," explained Adreon about her injuries.

Adreon has needed several surgeries to repair her face, but will need several more to repair her teeth, neck, hearing and jaw, which she can barely open.

"I have no savings left, the bills are going to be in the thousands," said Adreon.

As if that wasn't enough, when Adreon returned home from the hospital, her air conditioning went out, and she can't repair it.

She has been living in fear -- fear of the dark, fear of going out, and fear that her attackers might be among the strangers she encounters when she's not at home. 

"Every time I see kids, I'm like, 'is this the guy, is this the guy?'" describes Adreon as she shows us how she now scans the people around her.

It's been a snowball effect of events, but Adreon tells ABC15 she won't let it stop her from getting her life back.

"It's not going to define me and it's not gonna destroy me," said Adreon.

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