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No threat found after Luke Air Force Base experiences 'security incident' during routine exercise

Luke Air Force Base
Posted at 10:21 AM, Feb 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-26 18:21:13-05

LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, AZ — A pre-planned training exercise at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale was unexpectedly stopped Friday morning after there was a "real-world security incident" after someone reported seeing someone else with a weapon inside a medical facility at the base.

An hour or so later, officials determined that there was no threat or weapon and gave the all-clear shortly after.

In an updated news release on Friday afternoon, officials with Luke Air Force Base said the investigation "determined that an individual inside the facility made a statement that was misinterpreted by several others as a claim to have a weapon."

"We were fortunate this turned out to be a false alarm, however I think we will all sleep better knowing the teams tasked to protect our Airmen, civilians, and families are comprised of highly capable and vigilant professionals," said Brigadier General Gregory Kreuder, 56th Fighter Wing commander, in a written statement.

Operations at the base have since resumed.

Luke Air Force Base said Thursday that it would be conducting a routine active shooter training exercise at the base on Friday morning and that there would be multiple units at the base, including Glendale police and Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

Around 10 a.m. Friday, Luke Air Force Base sent out a tweet about the security incident.