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Have an old prom dress? Valley teen hopes to get them to foster girls

Posted at 9:45 PM, Aug 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-10 01:31:50-04

LITCHFIELD PARK, AZ — At 17-years-old, Jaden Koruba's planning for her senior year of High School, and even her college major. The Litchfield Park teen says she wants to study pre-med, but that's just one of the ways she hopes to help people.

In the meantime, she's taken on a very different initiative -- collecting prom dresses.

While that might sound like an odd passion, Jaden has a very specific reason for doing it.

“A lot of foster homes either have a lot of kids in them, or they just don’t have a lot of money in general," Jaden said. She was one of thousands of kids in the system before finally being adopted. "I saw all of the girls, and I feel like the foster system need some more love and if I can give a little bit of that love while I’m alive or while I’m in high school then I am willing to do that."

Koruba, with the help of her mom, Stacy, put out a call for gently-worn dresses. To date, they've collected 75.

"I think it’s huge for a girl to be able to get this," said Stacy Koruba. "I think that for a stranger to make this effort... it’s going to be very meaningful, and I think that it’s going to change their life a lot.”

Koruba's received dresses of all shapes, sizes, lengths, and colors for every girls' personal style. She's still working to find a way to get them to girls in the system through social workers, but also hopes to expand the donation process by reaching out to stores which no longer have use for older dresses.

"Just knowing that someday someone will wear at least one of these dresses to prom is really nice," Jaden added. "The fact that I can help at least one person in the world to make a difference for a couple of hours."

If you'd like to donate dresses or get foster families in contact with the Koruba's, you can email Jaden at