Community comes together after police shooting

Posted at 6:42 PM, May 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 21:59:09-04

A makeshift memorial in the neighborhood where fallen Officer David Glasser continues to grow.  Flowers, balloons, cards, and posters rest on the grass near Baseline Road and 48th Lane.

Dozens of people have blue lights shining outside their homes, and hundreds showed up at the Arizona Flower Market Friday to buy coffee mugs and blue and white flowers.

Owner Brad Denham organized the event before the tragic shooting of Officer Glasser.  It was meant to be a fundraiser for his brother, Phoenix police officer Ben Denham who suffers from a life threatening auto-immune disease.

After the tragedy this week, Denham said proceeds from all flower and mug sales will go to Glasser's family, and to his brother's medical fund. Phoenix police officers told him they wanted it that way.

Denham remembered Glasser as a man who went above and beyond the call of duty.

When his brother was sick, Glasser was one of many officers who volunteered time and effort to help him out, by showing up to mow and water his lawn. They fondly called him the "lawn whisperer".

"We love our brother.  We would do anything for him, but we're still only one family.  What we saw was this brotherhood. They would treat him as a blood relative," said Denham.

He said seeing the outpouring of police brotherhood humbled him.  

"These officers, they work a tremendous amount of time on duty then off duty to make ends meet.  He was married, had two children, and to take time off of that schedule and go care for my brother's family, that's something I can never repay," said Brad.

Hundreds of police officers and deputies showed up to support Ben Denham.  Almost 200 mugs and dozens of bouquets of specially dyed blue and white flowers were sold. Every officer and deputy got free food and left with a free bouquet.

Along with law enforcement, dozens of people from all over Arizona showed up to show their support.

Denham said one man from Prescott showed up and purchased ten coffee mugs.

A family from Maryvale opened up their hearts and wallets to show their support for law enforcement.