Police: Man kept stolen items in storage locker in Goodyear

Posted at 9:12 PM, Dec 13, 2016

They stored their stuff in the garage only to have it end up in a thief's storage locker. 

A storage facility helped police tie all the crimes together after a string of burglaries in Goodyear.

One man saw his stolen belongings show up on the Offer Up website, so he set up a meeting with the crook and spotted a ton of other items in a storage unit. 

He then tipped off police, and they found that the items belonged to several other people, all who had similar stories. 

Daniel Villasenor's wife realized items were missing from her car, along with golf clubs, as she was packing for a trip. 

Villasenor said the break-in was unsettling. He figured their belongings were gone for good, until police called him. 

Police also found other items the couple didn't know were even gone. 

Police say Nicholas Michael Edwards had gone through garages stealing items left and right. They say he would pawn the stuff or sell it online. 

Police say these incidents highlight the importance of securing a garage.