PD: Sex offender threatened teen to get into car

Posted at 11:36 AM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 19:15:34-04

Goodyear Police paperwork shows that a sex offender from California threatened a 13-year-old girl and told her to lie to officers about her age when she was caught with him in a car late Sunday night.

Monte Fuller, 44, was arrested and booked into jail after he was found to have not registered as an offender locally.

Police documents say that Fuller "unlawfully controlled the victim by verbal and aggressive means" the night after she spent the day with his half sister, her friend, at the Ostrich Festival.

The victim told officers after the incident that he called her phone before 11 p.m. Sunday and told her to get dressed and threatened to hurt "everybody" if she didn't come out. He called back and threatened her again, so she complied out of fear.

Fuller was outside of her home in his vehicle and took her to Thomas Park where he told her he was "depressed" and wanted to talk to someone. The victim told police he placed cigar wraps into her purse and asked if she wanted to smoke weed.

He also told the victim that he was a sex offender and at one point, told her she was cute.

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When police contacted the pair in the parking lot of Thomas Park, Fuller reportedly told the victim to tell police she was 22 years old and that he would hurt her if he didn't get out of the situation.

Goodyear officers had reportedly contacted Fuller before the incident and warned him that he had a certain amount of time to register as an offender in Goodyear, where he was residing with his family. He had yet to do so when he was found with the teen.

The teen told police she had planned to call 911 after she was dropped off at home so she wouldn't "draw any unnecessary negative attention in fear of what he might do."

Goodyear Police spokeswoman Lisa Kutis says she believes patrol officers got there at the right time because no physical contact was made.