Dog dies after routine surgery at Glendale vet

Posted at 8:06 AM, Apr 22, 2016

A Valley woman says she is looking for answers after her dog died following a routine surgery at a Glendale veterinary clinic this week.

Aisha Alhasan took her dog, Topanga, to be spayed at Arrow Animal Hospital at 51st Avenue and Thunderbird Road on Monday.

Alhasan's posted on Facebook that the veterinarian told her Topanga wasn't waking up quickly from her anesthesia, but that it was sometimes normal for bigger dogs. When Alhasan's brother picked Topanga up several hours after the procedure, they found Topanga was not coherent and was stumbling around. 

Vets noticed her complications and performed tests, but all tests appeared normal, she said.

Alhasan took Topanga to an emergency vet after she got home, where she later died. Alhasan says she was told the dog had internal bleeding.

"Just to find out that she just wasn't taken care of...I was heartbroken," Alhasan told ABC15.

The family is now weighing legal options and awaiting test results to determine exactly what caused Topanga's death.

Arrow Animal Hospital told ABC15 they are still sorting out medical facts and aren't commenting at this point.