Valley artist using art to raise money for Texas hurricane victims

Posted at 10:49 AM, Sep 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-23 13:49:34-04

A Valley reclamation artist is using his talents to take action for Texas.

Armando Heredia, who has some Texas roots himself, was in Houston and collected debris from homes for his art.

"It's heartbreaking to hear these stories and to literally see peoples lives out on the sidewalk," said Heredia.

The art depicts symbols of Texas.

"I made them specifically about the State of Texas, not memorializing the weather event and the reason why is because Harvey happened to these people but it's not who they are," said Heredia

The auction of the collection started Friday over social media and will run through Sunday.

All of the proceeds will go to buy sheetrock to rebuild homes.

"My goal is for it to really be for single mothers and the elderly. A lot of people didn't have flood insurance because in a lot of the areas that flooded they didn't think they needed it," explained Heredia.

Heredia tells ABC15 the sheetrock will cost seven dollars a sheet. They're hoping to buy as much as they can. 

If interested, you can check out his art on his Instagram page:


Legendary. In Texas lore, there is no icon as legendary as the Longhorn. Its horns could span seven and eight feet, with a temperament to match its size, it captures the Spirit of the western lands. This piece, "Bedding Down" is a simple representation of the longhorn and the big Texas night sky on a reclaimed fire pit, discarded due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. The street photo in this post is the actual reclamation area. Visit to bid on this and other flood debris reclamation artwork by @armandohere. 100% of the auction proceeds will be donated to purchase drywall for Houston area residents. Please share by tagging someone who loves Texas and the mighty longhorn. #reclaim #reuse #repurpose #salvage #upcycle #houston #texas #harvey #artworking #reclamationart #floodrelief #longhorns #longhorn #cattle #texassky #firepit #stars #trail #cowboys #cattledrive @kuttlefish @pastorjrios Auction link in profile.

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