Two former Mountain Ridge students accused of sexual assault on wrestling trip

Posted at 3:50 PM, Apr 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-18 23:24:14-04

Troubling accusations have emerged against two former Mountain Ridge High School students, following an out of town wrestling tournament in December 2016.

Sources have confirmed to ABC15 that charges are being submitted against two male teammates after a vicious attack inside the wrestling team’s hotel room. The team was in Holbrook, Arizona the first week of December for the Pat Kenny Invitational.

According to a police report obtained by ABC15, the victim claimed he was pinned down one night in a wrestling move by a teammate inside their hotel room. A second boy allegedly used a toothbrush to penetrate the victim. A third teammate also allegedly videotaped the incident on his phone.

About two weeks after the incident, the victim told his grandmother what happened to him inside the hotel room. She called Glendale police, who forwarded the allegations to Holbrook police. According to the report, the victim continued to be approached by students at Mountain Ridge High School, who would reference the incident.

Holbrook police have submitted the case to the Navajo County Juvenile Court System. It’s unclear if the teens will be formally charged in the case.

A spokesperson with the Deer Valley Unified School District says the two teens were disciplined, and are no longer students at Mountain Ridge High School.

The district also released a statement which reads:

Corrective actions have been taken that include more character education for our student-athletes, intentional room assignments when traveling for athletics/activities, and increased education to student-athletes on all of the systems for reporting any actions that compromise the safety of themselves or others.

The district also says they contacted every parent who had a wrestler in the program at the time, and notified them that there was a serious situation that did not involve their child. The district says they immediately contacted police when the school was notified of the incident. 

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