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Thousands gather at State Farm Stadium for international soccer match

Posted at 10:28 PM, Jun 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-03 10:44:31-04

GLENDALE — The soccer game between Mexico and Uruguay was action-packed! ABC15 spent time with fans outside the stadium during the exciting event.

There was plenty of fun before anyone in the game made their first kick.

"Mexico! Mexico,” shouted a fan.

Thousands from all over, literally, converged on the grounds around State Farm Stadium.

"There are a lot of people. It gets packed. People are all cheering for whatever team they are cheering for,” said Gustavo Avina.

Avina, who's rooting for Mexico, traveled seven hours to Glendale from El Paso, Texas.

He follows the team wherever they go, he says, about six times a year.

"It's fun. I just like the atmosphere. Sometimes, I know they are playing a better team and might lose. But, it's just for fun,” said Avina.

Before any soccer game, Ernesto Santos says, the place to be is with the band and close the music.

"I was here, the last game too, and it is the same vibe. It was Mexico versus uh, what was it,” stated Santos.

While the band member might have forgotten Mexico's past opponent, he can't forget his culture.

"Getting together. Sharing the vibes,” added Santos. “They are having a good time. That is pretty much what it is about."

Just as much, if not more than enjoying the music, dancing and eating, Fabian Irgiry enjoys the family time.

"She came in last Friday. I have not seen my wife and my daughter for one and a half years. So, I am excited they are coming here and watching the game,” said Irgiry.

Irgiry has lived in the Valley 22 years. He's been married to his wife almost three.

"I am so excited. I am very happy. Look at that. Look at this. It's beautiful,” added Irgiry.