Thieves pose as movers, wipe out Glendale home of furniture

Posted at 7:31 PM, Jan 03, 2017

Thieves posing as movers stole most of the furniture out of a Glendale home.

The home located near 75th Avenue and Deer Valley Road has been on sale for more than six months.  Realtor Ruth Wachs with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services said the thieves broke in by breaking open a contractor's lock box.

She got a call from a contractor there to fix plumbing in the home that the contractor's lock box was missing.

"The lock box is a simple contractor's lock box which you can buy at any hardware store. Our realtor's lock box is really secure, you can't get in it, you can't get it off where it is. It's wired to our phones. This is one of those $30 lock boxes. The locksmith who was there to fix things said it takes less than 30 seconds to get it off," said Wachs.

As soon as she saw the lock box missing, she feared the worst.

"With bated breath I opened the door and all the furniture was gone," said Wachs. 

The homeowner who now lives in Sedona had used a rental company to rent furniture to "stage" the home for prospective buyers. 

Wachs said several neighbors had contacted her since the break-in, saying they actually saw the suspects outside, but thought nothing of it. 

"This home has been on sale for a while, probably over six months now.  If I see a truck parked either I'm thinking someone is moving in or the guy had some stuff he's taking out," said neighbor Sunjay Kumar.

"According to neighbors they look like they fit in," added Wachs. 

The men appeared to be in their mid-twenties and were in a white flatbed pick-up truck, according to Glendale police. 

If you know anything or see the items for sale on social media sites or apps, contact Glendale police immediately.