New video shows deadly Glendale hit-and-run

Posted at 10:21 AM, May 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-11 01:45:34-04

New video shows the moments that lead up to a deadly hit-and-run crash that left a father of six dead, and a wife searching for answers.

Glendale police released the video after weeks of investigating turned up nothing.

In the video, taken from a nearby business at 51st and Northern avenues, a dark colored sedan with a faded paint job leaves a shopping center.

The car turns right into the path of Michael Freeman, who was on a motorcycle. Freeman lays his bike down, while trying to avoid the crash, but slams right into the car. The car hits him, and then speeds off into the night.

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"I felt like I didn't need to see it, I didn't really want to have that image playing in my head," said Tasha Freeman, the man's wife. "Then I wanted to see it, I wanted to know exactly what happened and that very moment."

Tasha says the 10 seconds of video are heart breaking and maddening at the same time.
"It hurts to know that somebody could be so cruel and just leave him, laying in the street and just drive off with no remorse," she said. 

It could have been anyone on the road that night, but this time it Tasha's husband.

"I don't wish this on anybody, you just never think it's going to happen to you," said Denise Woods, the man's sister.

Freeman lived his life inspiring others. His favorite saying: "To live a life in such a way, that my life outlives my life."

Witnesses also wrote down an Arizona license plate "BKJ3778" which is registered to a 1997 two-door Honda.

The driver may have been a Hispanic man with a heavy build, short dark hair and an orange shirt.

If you have any information on the crash, contact Glendale Police at 623-930-3000.